At some point everybody feels kind of lost, right? That’s why I’m here, because when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year, but I’ll be there for you! The people who know this song were you reading this sentence or were you singing it? I just love this song … Continue reading…?

Italy by car

Okay, here we go… We went to Italy by car and it was an amazing road trip! We started in Belgium on the 26th of July and drove straight to Bivio, a small village in Switzerland near the border of Italy. While we were in Switzerland, we did some hiking and visited Sankt-Moritz. Anyway, this … Continue reading Italy by car


We drove from Bivio to Milan, which is around a 3-hour drive. The road from Bivio to Milan is beautiful because we drove through the Maloja pass.  I really loved those views. Anyway, when we arrived in Milan, we met with a friend, Marco. He’s from near Bergamo, it’s always nice to visit him, this … Continue reading Milan


After visiting our friend in Milan, we drove to Verona in the evening. So, we stayed for one day in Milan and didn’t spend the night there because it was too expensive. From Milan to Verona it’s around a 2-hour drive. We slept outside the city center because it was cheaper, and the next day … Continue reading Verona

The Dolomites

After visiting Verona for a day, we started our drive to the Dolomites. We left Verona in the afternoon and we started driving. We had our tent in our car because we would sleep in the tent for the next days but what we didn’t know was that sometimes you have to reserve your pitch … Continue reading The Dolomites


After being in nature in the Dolomites we decided to go to Venice. We drove around 2-hours from Lake Sorapis to Venice and the weather difference was huge. In the Dolomites it gets cold (like 8 degrees Celsius in the evening) and in Venice it was hot (around 30 degrees Celsius). We slept at a … Continue reading Venice


After leaving Venice we arrived in Florence (around 3-hour drive) and we stayed here for one night. We parked our car outside the city center and walked to our room (where we would sleep). Our hotel was near the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. So, when we arrived at our room, we were so … Continue reading Florence


After Florence we decided to pass through Pisa. From Florence to Pisa is around a 1-hour drive. We got out of the car, walked around and went back to the car because our sleeping place was near Saturnia hot springs. The road from Pisa to Saturnia hot springs was beautiful (we took a scenic route) … Continue reading Pisa

Saturnia hot springs

After Pisa we drove for around 2-hours and 40 minutes to Saturnia hot springs. The road to the hot springs was beautiful. We passed by some beautiful trees you’ll find all over Tuscany… They are called Tuscan Cypress (or Mediterranean). They can live up to two thousand years long… These elegant trees are all planted, … Continue reading Saturnia hot springs


Okay, Saturnia hot springs are awesome but now off to ROME… We drove around two hours and fifteen minutes and then we arrived in ROME, woohooo… I love that city (it’s my second time here). It’s ‘the eternal city’! MUST DO Pantheon (free entrance)Trevi FountainColosseumWalk around and explore, talk to the people…Spanish stepsCastel Sant’AngeloPiazza Del … Continue reading Rome

Vatican City

When you’re in Rome, you really should visit Vatican City. It’s a city-state surrounded by Rome. Okay, so let’s be clear… Vatican City State is an independent city-state. This state is ruled by the pope who is the bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church. You can see this in half a … Continue reading Vatican City